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Lake Como is just amazing. Sorrounded by small hamlets, woods and high mountains, it is a one of a kind, striking a perfect balance between works of man and natural landscape.

By renting a boat, you can freely and fully enjoy it. You’re the captain, you pick your route and roll with it. Personal taste is king when it comes to choose where to go. There’s no tour guide, no forced path, no bounds.

We, the Varennarentaboat team, have been operating on Lake Como for generations. We know how important freedom is, but we also know it can be overwhelming. It isn’t easy to choose where to go if you don’t know how to reach the most beautiful and famous places and how long it takes to get there.

This is the main reason that lead us to share our experience with you before you rent a boat with us. We refined our tips thanks to both our knowledge and years of customers’ positive feedback.

Below you can find a few suggested itineraries by boat, organized by the number of hours you can spare and the kind of experience you’re searching for. Take a look into them: you might find them useful while cruising around on one of our beautiful rental boats.


Itinerary 2 hours

The 2 hours itinerary is recommended for those with limited time available, who still want to see the most famous places of Lake Como

Itinerary 3 hours

The 3 hours itinerary is recommended for those who want to see as possible of Lake Como without making too many breaks

Itinerary 4 hours

The 4 hours itinerary is recommended for those not afraid to devote half a day to an extended visit of Lake Como

Itinerary North

The North route is recommended for those who want to explore the less known and more “sporty” Lake Como side

Itinerary South

The south route is recommended for those who want to experience something new, rich in history, in Lake Como's less known branch