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Navigational Regulations

Safety comes first when it comes to rent a boat and ride it without outside help on the waters of Lake Como.

This is why we, Varennarentaboat team, ask you to read carefully all the following safety instructions. For your convenience you can also download the pdf Navigational Regulations.

How to set sail and dock

During the sailing and docking operations, keep the boat perpendicular to the coast. The only maneuvers you have to take care of require the use of three different commands: "Forward", "Neutral" and "Reverse gear".

Keep in mind that renting a boat with us comes with a restriction: you can sail or dock only from or onto our private pier , close to our boat rental shop in Varenna.

How to navigate on Lake Como

Depending on the distance you keep from the coast and on specific signs you'll find on the lake, you should adjust your speed and follow a few rules.

Keep the boat at least 100 m from the coast (300 ft) away from the coast, and between 100 and 150 m keep a top speed of 8 knots (1500 engine speed)

Even when you're farther than 150 m from the coast, never speed up the boat over 27 knots (5000 engine speed).

When you see red stripped posts, you're in shallow waters. Maneuver your rental boat to keep it away from the poles, far from the coast.

Special rules

You should be especially careful in some of Lake Como’s areas.

When you’re passing between Isola Comacina and the coast, or when you’re getting into the small Piona Bay, keep your boat in the middle of the strait. Your speed shouldn’t exceed 3 knots (1000 engine speed).

In the big Como bay, you can see some yellow buoys. They mark the seaplanes’ landing area: Keep left while heading towards Como, away from the coast.

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